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Avoiding Muddy Foxholes, a story of an American Bombardier

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Written and narrated from a dog’s perspective, the audio version of Big Paws, Bigger Heart tells the same story as the written book, only narrator A. T. Al Benelli brings to life this true story of a dog and his human.

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Delve into the gripping true-life story of Richard Loveless as he goes from an apprentice electrician as a civilian to a master bombardier in the United States Army Air Force. This book is for the reader interested in history and the personal experience of a World War II bombardier. It is the true story of a couple whose lives were redirected by the outbreak of war. It is a story based on the familiarity of the characters, letters, and diaries of those involved and, most of all, the need to tell this story. Those interested in the air war over Europe and what the aircrews went through to become airmen will enjoy this read and learn about life in a POW camp and survival of the German Death March in the winter of 1945. What may be most appealing to the reader is, as a result of what those involved went through during the war, an incredible bond not only between the characters involved but a loving bond between an ever-grateful French town and equally grateful families from across the Atlantic.

2nd Lieutenant Richard Loveless, bombardier.

Once in a lifetime, a person may find the perfect dog, but to have two perfect dogs in a lifetime is practically unheard of. Big Paws, Bigger Heart presents a story of that improbable situation as told by Finley, a Belgian Tervuren dog who came into the life of his adopted dad, Jim Loveless, to fill the enormous void left behind by the loss of Jim’s first dog, Brooks. Finley goes back in time to tell the legend of Brooks. He shares the heartwarming and often humorous tales of how Brooks shaped the lives of not only his owner but of a community by proving faithfulness meant more than championships. This true and inspiring story follows Brooks from his early days of fitting in with his newly adopted family until his forced retirement from the agility competition he and Jim so dearly loved due to bad hips. Written from a dog’s perspective, Big Paws, Bigger Heart explores the love that dogs can bring into our lives and shows how two dogs changed one man’s life.

Brooks Robinson Loveless, the mentor

Big Paws, Bigger Heart, a dogs memoir

Big Paws, Bigger Heart, a dogs memoir, Audible version

Huck Fin o' the Delaware, aka Finley, the storyteller

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Finley's Planet

The life and times of a man's best friend

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The Untold Stories - True accounts of historical events that I witnessed and that have shaped our world.

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Lessons Learned - Personal stories of overcoming challenges and finding inspiration and humor in whatever life throws at us. 

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If you thought the story of Brooks, the legendary dog that did so much to please his owner, ended in my first book, think again. Now it’s Finley’s turn to tell his tale. Living in the shadow of a legend he had never met but heard so much of wasn’t what he bargained for, but that didn’t matter to him. All he had to do was be his irresistible self and let the chips fall where they may. And so the story goes for Huck Fin of the Delaware, aka Finley. Picking up where his mentor Brooks left off, Finley used his incredible sense of humor and ability always to know what was on his owner’s mind to be one step ahead of his thoughts. This story is part two of a trilogy that started with Big Paws, Bigger Heart, and will conclude with part three when his successor to this author’s dog hall of fame is ready to be told.


Coming in early February is the audio version of Avoiding Muddy Foxholes. It will be available on Audible for those who prefer to listen to books due to preference or don't have the time to read. Narrated by Xander Wilde, he personalizes each character with their own unique voice and accent to bring this remarkable story to life. Even if you read this book, this audio version will enhance your experience with Avoiding Muddy Foxholes.

You Play Golf, I Play Flog

The true story of a caddie who became a hack.

As a young boy who had little or no interest in playing golf, growing up in a family full of natural golfers was challenging, to say the least. I was given a set of junior golf clubs when I turned five, but my dad took them away when he caught me pretending the putter was a Tommy-gun to play war with my buddies. When I turned ten, he had me caddie for him in another attempt to spark my interest in playing the game. Learning there was money to be made lugging other people's golf clubs around, I started to earn some serious c. Soon, I started playing the game but quickly learned it took a lot of work to become even average. Besides, it infringed on my favorite pastime, fishing. Despite my unorthodox way of playing the game, I became reasonably good. That had my dad and everyone who knew me scratching their heads. With my whole family winning tournaments and trophies for their efforts, the only thing I won was the title, hack. This is the story of my experience with the game of golf.