About Me

I am an author who shares real-life experiences through captivating non-fiction storytelling.

Born in Washington, DC in October of 1954 Jim Loveless grew up in suburban Maryland, fostering many interests. Aside from excelling in the usual stick and ball sports while growing up, drawing and architecture became his prime interests. At age 14, Jim started his own business drawing and selling renderings of the homes in his neighborhood. Along with caddying and working at the local country club, he was able to support two other interests that took up the rest of his time: fishing and bicycling. By the time he entered college with a senatorial scholarship to the school of architecture at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD, Jim had an incredible resume of interests and experiences to boast about. From coaching little league baseball to mountain climbing, if the challenge was there he wanted to peruse it.

Bored with college, Jim landed a position as a graphics coordinator with a nationally recognized architectural firm, later admitting it was the most satisfying job he ever had. Like everything he did, Jim kept notes on his experiences as he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time for adventure. An example is, while he held his position as a graphics coordinator, he witnessed firsthand what it was like to work in Washington, DC, during the Watergate affair.

Ever the country boy working in the city grew old, and he went back to school in the hopes of landing a job with the National Park Service. This was not to be, as the heritage of electrical contracting was in his blood, handed down from his grandfather, father, and uncle. Jim took his drafting skills and went to work with the largest electrical contracting firm in the world, coordinating electrical layouts for installation for the new subway being built in Washington, DC. Quickly being promoted to estimator, he became successful at competitively bidding for contracts. In 2020, Jim retired as Chief Estimator with the oldest electrical contracting firm in the world.

Over the years, Jim has seen it all, from Watergate to witnessing firsthand the 911 attacks in New York City. Through it all, he has maintained a vivid account of all his experiences.

Of all the activities Jim has taken part in over the years nothing has given him more pleasure than maintaining his relationships with his dogs. Here too, Jim has experienced with his dogs what most people dream of. Having developed his talents with animals to become a dog trainer his life with his animals has been heartfelt and often humorous. It took the loss of his latest and most loved dog to inspire him to accomplish a lifelong dream and that was to put his experiences into words so he could share his adventures with others.

Jim was very successful creating a newsletter for a local dog club and featured an article about his daily adventures with his dogs, written as if they were telling the stories. Using this successful format Jim’s first book, Big Paws, Bigger Heart will tell the story of their life with him. It will be the first in a series sharing all the trial and tribulations of life with humans, told by his dogs. Future writings will include Jim’s experience as a camp councilor, working in DC, meeting Jacquelyn Kennedy and having a hero as a father.